About us

Understanding the online system can only be done if you look at things from a logical perspective. Think of the online environment as a puzzle, where every piece consists of a different rule. Seeing the big picture can only be done once you understand what each piece represents and how all pieces go together.


Here at Interact Media Group we try to generate maximum results while balancing costs by providing a unique experience for all our website visitors. This way, we plan to create a win-win situation for us and all of our clients.


We are struggling to be an innovative company as we always like to think outside the box. As we aim to provide development processes suitable for all future projects, we are always connected to the market in order to bring you the most competitive prices. Our principles are what define us in all our developing projects and activities.


Meeting the deadlines is very important to us and all those working in the online environment are aware that this may be a difficult thing to accomplish. Even so, we try to schedule all our work in order to deliver quality content in due time.

Good communication is essential in our line of work because we aim at developing solid relationships with our clients. Thanks to the trust of our customers, we can become a solid company and provide comfortable solution to all your business needs.

Commitment is one of the main things we have to offer. We take our jobs and projects very seriously because we believe that putting passion into your work leads to excellent results and satisfied customers.

Contact info


Interact Media Group Ltd
1461 First Avenue, #360
New York, NY 10075-2201

  • Phone: +1 (917) 464 3059
  • Fax: +1 (917) 591 6832 (please specify that the Fax is for Interact Media Group Ltd.)


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