With an experience of 7 years in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, we have come across a pattern noticeable in the relationship between humans. Several theories are considered to be the pillars of the Lovestructure.com system, and here are some examples:

  • There is a single universal rule which lies at the construction of everything in our world – two like charges repel and opposite charges attract and the same rule is applied to relationships between humans;
  • What “psychic” means and where is it located – “Psychic” refers to the whole bundle of energy reflecting on our biological matter;
  • Feelings can be measured and we can create an emotional map for each human – emotional structure can grow on a field formed by feminine love and masculine love, but there are also other factors to be taken into consideration;

The LoveStructure.com system was build in order to explain “why do we need to love and why we need to be loved”. This social network is planning to arrange human relationships, making it a true “Algorithm of Love”.11